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how to start a cleaning business

How to start a cleaning business for under £2000

The cheapest way to start a cleaning business. The cheapest type of cleaning business to set up is residential, for under £2000 investment you can be up and running in the cleaning industry. whats more, at the British Cleaners Association, we can set up all your marketing for you, including website, SEO and content. Once you become a member of…

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Flyer distribution

Flyers can be a good way of finding domestic and commercial cleaning work locally, but be prepared to put out a lot of well designed fliers to make it worth while, on average a well presented flyer can get around a 4% response rate. but fliers that are not well designed can end up costing you a fortune.

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Web design and promotion

A website is probably the most important part of the marketing process, however a website that is not designed by people who know how to create a site that sells is a waste of time and money. With the rise in platforms such as WordPress, and other content management systems, people often think that they can save money by setting…

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