Web design and promotion

A website is probably the most important part of the marketing process, however a website that is not designed by people who know how to create a site that sells is a waste of time and money.
With the rise in platforms such as WordPress, and other content management systems, people often think that they can save money by setting up their own website, while this seems to be the best option, it usually is not built to sell, you are much better off paying for professional web design, and content (providing that it is unique).
A professional web design company will have tried a lot of techniques and found what works and more importantly what doesn’t.
Here at the BCA, we have used Next Theme Ltd. for all our marketing and promotional services, and recommended them to a lot of other companies as they have over a decade of experience in web design, application development and online marketing.
Along with a website the promotion of that website is important, You could have the worlds best website but unless people can find it, you will not sell anything.
Social media is one of the best ways to get found along as search engines like websites with a good social following. along with Facebook and Twitter, you should have a LinkedIn and Google Plus page.
 More web design information is available to BCA members at http://www.britishcleanersassociation.org/user/knowledgebase/Web-design/ 
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